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Magic Touch Lightroom Presets [Premium Collection] – Desktop + Mobile - Sandra Stipan Photography

Lightroom presets developed over the course of 6 months and tested on thousands of photos.

5 reviews for Magic Touch Lightroom Presets [Premium Collection] – Desktop + Mobile

  1. Carolina

    A very long time I was looking for a good Vintage editing method but couldn’t find it until I dicovered the Lightroom preset pack „Magic Touch“ by Sandra Stipan.

    Not only have I finally found the perfect Vintage preset for my photos but also many other beautiful presets! The „Magic Touch“ preset pack offers over 15 amazing presets.

    You can find different kinds of tones, from warm tones (which are perfect for fall photos) over Natural, Moody and Desaturated ones to Vintage tones that I’ve already mentioned.

    That’s why I’m pretty sure that everyone will find the perfect tone/preset for their photo.

    There’s also 4 practical presets to give your photos an extra highlight like adding grain or adding vignette.

    I personally love the preset pack and my photos look much more interesting and unique now and what I like the most about it is the variety of the presets.


  2. Brylee Williamson

    Are you looking for those instagram worthy presets you are seeing all over your feed? Well look no further. Magic Touch has them for you. Literally! If you are an instagram blogger but struggling to find the way to make your photos pop, these are for you.

    The set comes with 15 different presets on top of 4 extras for grain, vignette, black and white and sharpening.

    I tested a few of these out to see how the held up.

    Desaturation V1
    I generally do not like photos that give me less color, but this is amazing for portraits. I truly think for the holiday season, this is your go to preset for all your Holiday photos.

    Lets take a look at Moody Film V2
    If you’re like me, you struggle to get that moody film feel on your photos. This preset and BAM! I get the exact moody film feel i’m looking for. Its great for those dark days or moody travel photos. I think this can work for any photographer who has jumped on the “moody” instagram worthy photos. Not so much for travel photos but I think its a winner for portrait style photos!

    Next up we have Vintage V1! My favorite! Vintage photos are my jam! That’s also why I own a polaroid. The vintage preset is amazing for anyone who wishes they owned a poloroid but only has an iphone or a digital camera. You get the same effect and feel as the old school images. I love this on all my Thailand photos as it really gives me the feel of traveling back in time while exploring.

    Warm Tones V5
    This is it.
    This is it.
    This is that instagram photo preset everyone wants. Right here! What are you waiting for! No seriously. I compared this preset to every major instagrammer out there, and its hands down on par with every “popular” blogger there is. The best part is, this one actually fits your skin tones better! Not everyone is a tall tan blonde. And this preset allows you to not be the cliche instagrammer you see but still allow you to get that same feel from your photos. If you are a travel blogger this is the preset you need to add to your collection.

    Testing all these presets have been fun. Granted not all presest work for everyone and there must be adjustments made. But you get the idea. If you are looking for your next big splurge on presets. This is the way to go. I truly think Magic Touch Presets are the next big name in presets. I can’t wait to see what more they come out with!

    Brylee Williamson

  3. Yves Arispe

    These presets are easy to use and work for many photography styles!

    I am still finding my style and photographer voice so I appreciate when I can use presets to guide me through the editing process. Its not always easy to find presets that fit multiple styles all in one packet!

    I mostly use these presets as guide for my style since they are easy to tweak and make them my own!

    Definitely highly recommend you get these presets so you can add a pro touch to your own photos!

    Instagram: @gentlemanyves

  4. Tihana

    Hello Sandra, thanks so much for the presets! They are so easy to use and made my fall pictures look so amazing. I used them also for my Travel+Lifestyle pics since they adapt so easy. If you happen to release new ones let me know, i would love to buy them ❤


  5. Zsuzsanna Laczo

    The magic touch presets by Sandra gives my image a nice, moody pop. Found it best to be used with outdoor images, otherwise image got too dark, but a little bit of extra brightness and shadows helped me with that too.


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